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Best lineup strategy for Jazz vs. Warriors NBA Showdown

We go over how to craft your lineup for Wednesday night’s featured contest on DraftKings between Utah and Golden State.

The Golden State Warriors just gave up 61 points to Damian Lillard on MLK Day. So should we expect the same out of Donovan Mitchell on Wednesday night? Perhaps, but 61 points isn’t something you just wake up and decide to do one day. Still, Mitchell is more than capable of torching the Warriors’ poor perimeter defense. We go over a few spots to help you construct the best lineup for tonight’s featured Showdown between the Jazz and Warriors on DraftKings.

Who is the top option at Captain?

Donovan Mitchell ($13,800)

I alluded to this a bit above and I also mentioned Mitchell as my favorite Captain during the Showdown segment on DK Live’s The Sweat this morning. If you don’t catch the clips, here’s basically what I went over. Dame dropped 61 points on the Dubs and I think Mitchell is capable of a big game. He’s scored at least 20 points in four straight and his 3-point shooting should look pretty decent against the Dubs, who can’t defend the perimeter. My only concern is a blowout in which Mitchell doesn’t need to play more than 28-30 minutes. However, if it is a blowout, D-Mitch could be the reason why.

Who should I stack with Mitchell?

Jordan Clarkson ($5,000)

If you think the Dubs can’t defend the 3-point line and will give up a shooting barrage to the Jazz, then Clarkson is another guy you want in your lineup. I also think pairing Mitchell with Joe Ingles ($6,400) and Bojan Bogdanovic ($7,400) is a decent idea. You can fit all four sharpshooters into your lineup with a bit of value. Clarkson is the cheapest of the three and has a nice ceiling, providing scoring off the bench. Mike Conley ($5,200) is back, though he isn’t at 100% after returning from a hamstring injury. If it is a blowout, Clarkson would see more minutes and usage.

Where can I find value in this contest?

Tony Bradley ($3,000)

This is a pretty simple contest to get a hold on. Again, if the game gets out of hand, then Bradley should see more minutes. He’s been a solid backup to Rudy Gobert ($10,200) at center and is putting up really good numbers per 36: 15.5 points, 14.3 rebounds, 63.3% from the field per 36 minutes. Even if he only sees 15-20 minutes, those will be against easy competition.

Who should I fade?

Draymond Green ($7,000)

Green returns after missing the past two games due to an illness. He’s going through one of his worst NBA seasons with Golden State ravaged by injuries and towards the bottom of the standings. I think Green’s competitive fire is gone this season and won’t be back until maybe Stephen Curry returns. We can’t expect much from Green in this matchup, considering he’ll have to play some center and deal with Gobert. I’m also not crazy about D’Angelo Russell ($9,600) either.