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Miami weather will warm up, but for now, iguanas are falling off trees

The weather should not impact Super Bowl 54, but the week before, things are getting a little weird.

Iguanas are seen as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission continues its efforts to try and control the invasive species on March 13, 2018 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

We’re still a ways out from having an accurate weather forecast for Super Bowl 54, but for the time being, Miami has had to deal with some odd weather. It’s been on the chilly side, and Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning of the bye week it dropped into the low 40s. According to some reports, these lows have not been reached in a decade.

It turns out cold weather can have a rather curious effect in South Florida. On Tuesday, the National Weather Service tweeted out a warning that when the temperature drops into the 40s and colder, iguanas slow down and become immobile. If they are on a tree, they can fall from the tree. The NWS did clarify that they are not dead.

The forecast for next week has the weather back into the mid to high 70s during the day and no colder than the mid-50s at night. Barring a front coming through, it should hold up and make for a pleasant night at Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl 54.

In the meantime, enjoy BBC America’s weather anchor offering his thoughts and puns on falling iguanas.