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Eli Manning ‘very likely’ to start MNF

Eli Manning will get his farewell tour afterall, as Daniel Jones won’t be able to play this Monday night due to an ankle sprain

New York Giants backup quarterback Eli Manning pre game at MetLife Stadium.  Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Pat Shurmur tells reporters that quarterback Daniel Jones is in a walking boot with a mild high-ankle sprain. Shurmur went on to say that Eli Manning will “very likely” start on Monday night against the Eagles.

Daniel Jones took over for Eli Manning in Week 3 after manning started the season with a 6.2 yards per attempt, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Jones looked good to begin his rookie campaign, giving the Giants an offensive boost but has been a turnover machine, with 11 interceptions and 15 fumbles — ten of those lost.

The Giants are 2-10 and at this point, are looking for a good draft spot more than making a run to save coach Pat Shurmur’s job. Manning has been a check-down king for a long while now and could end up helping Saquon Barkley see more looks in the passing game, but overall he won’t be an upgrade for the Giants fantasy players.

Here’s how Jones injured his ankle last week against the Packers: