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Best options at power forward for DraftKings NBA contests on Dec. 3

We limited stud options, should you pay down at PF? We go over the picks for DraftKings seven-game main slate.

Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin walks toward guard Luke Kennard during the second quarter against the Charlotte Hornets at Little Caesars Arena. Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an interesting landscape at power forward for Tuesday night’s main seven-game slate on DraftKings. First, we don’t have any PFs priced over $10,000, so the stud options are limited.

Really, the only expensive PF is Anthony Davis ($9,600), who isn’t even expensive by his standards. With that, it may be a night where we pay down at the position and pay up at guard. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the options.

Is Anthony Davis a trap on tonight’s slate?

I feel like Admiral Ackbar over here yelling “It’s a trap!” as people put AD into their lineups. I don’t think AD is a bad play but it’s not an ideal spot for him. The Nuggets play at a very slow pace and they’re also one of the top defensive teams in the NBA. So are the Lakers, actually, so this game could be low scoring and tight. I think the one thing that stands out for Davis is his ownership is probably going to be lower than usual, so we get some leverage. Plus, we aren’t spending a ton, right? So if he does have something like a 30-10 type of game, we’re golden. But that seems less likely.

So where am I spending up at power forward?

Ummm, you aren’t? I don’t know, there just aren’t too many appealing PF options who are expensive. Paul George ($8,200) is among the only ones and he’s also SF eligible. Pascal Siakam ($8,500) has to deal with the Heat, who are also respectable on defense. I don’t think many of these one-off PF plays are viable really. Blake Griffin ($6,700) seems like a good overall play, though. He gets a soft matchup vs. the Cavaliers and his price is at an all-time low. Sure, I’d be concerned about his playing time and injuries, but if Griffin can get in around 25 minutes, he should have no problem returning value. In tournaments, I think he’s a good mid-range option.

Okay, so where’s all this value you were talking about?

Oh right, value, so yeah let’s take a look. Aaron Gordon ($5,700) is really cheap and is facing the Wizards. Davis Bertans ($5,300) is on the other side of that game for Washington and he’s been shooting the ball like crazy with at least seven 3-point attempts in seven of eight games. Monitor the status of Danuel House ($4,600) for the Rockets as well, if he’s out again, we can maybe look at PJ Tucker ($4,600). If House plays, he’d be an OK option.