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Mark Andrews scores two quick TDs before half

Mark Andres and Lamar Jackson connect on two quick touchdowns before halftime.

Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews carries the ball past Los Angeles Rams free safety Eric Weddle during the second half at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens had been held in check by the Browns defense for most of the first half, but that changed on their fifth drive, as Jackson hit Mark Ingram for a 24-yard gain and then tight end Mark Andrews for a 39-yard touchdown with 1:50 left on the clock.

The Browns took their last possession before half and threw three straight incompletions, then punted away giving the Ravens 55 seconds and that’s all she wrote, as Jackson again moved down the field with ease and finished with another touchdown to Andrews, this time from 24 yards out.

If the Ravens end up winning, they secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs and can rest starters in Week 17.

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