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Jameis Winston throws pick-6 on first pass, finishes with 4 in loss

Jameis Winston does it again! He throws another interception to start the game but ties game before half, 17-17 with TD pass

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston can’t get over his muscle-memory of throwing an early interception. This time it came against the Texans on Winston’s first pass and was returned for a touchdown by Bradley Roby. Tampa Bay is actually 4-1 after throwing an interception on the first drive. That doesn’t mean it is a preferred tactic of course but this offense can right the ship quickly.


Wow, Winston throws another interception on his next drive. The ball was returned for a touchdown by Justin Reid but a blocking penalty called the touchdown back. The Texans have great field position as they get their first offensive possession of the game.


And another interception for Winston, this one by Jonathan Joseph with 14 minutes left in the second quarter. Winston is on pace for 10ish interceptions now.


Despite three interceptions, the Buccaneers have held steady defensively and scored on their last two possessions of the half. The last touchdown comes after a DeShaun Watson interception, which then allowed Winston to go 39-yards in 29 seconds, completing a short touchdown to Justin Watson to tie the game before half, 17-17


Winston ended up throwing for 335 yards and a touchdown but also four total picks, including a back breaker as they drove with under two minutes left down three points. This loss is squarely on his shoulders and the Texans should send him a nice fruit basket or maybe some crab legs.