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Texans scored a touchdown on a ridiculous option pass following two handoffs

UPDATE: The play has been changed from a six-yard Watson touchdown run to a six-yard touchdown pass from DeAndre Hopkins, per NFL officials.

I don’t even know how to describe the play the Houston Texans just ran. We saw a pair of handoffs and then DeAndre Hopkins make an option pitch to quarterback DeShaun Watson who ran in the six-yard touchdown score. I need to think on this, but for now, give it a watch here.

Upon further review, Watson handed off to Duke Johnson in the backfield. DeAndre Hopkins came from left to right and took a reverse handoff from Johnson. Then, Hopkins pitched the ball to Watson who ran it in for the score. It looked initially like it might have been a forward pass, but it has been ruled a rushing touchdown for Watson, who now has four on the night.