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Vikings release of Josh Doctson offers some Adam Thielen optimism

Vikings WR Adam Thielen is questionable for Week 13 Monday Night Football. We break down the latest information and how it might help fantasy football start/sit decisions.

Adam Thielen of the Minnesota Vikings looks on before the game against the Green Bay Packers at U.S. Bank Stadium on November 25, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

UPDATE: Adam Thielen (hamstring) is not expected to play in Week 13 on Monday Night Football vs. the Seattle Seahawks, per NFL Network.

The Minnesota Vikings do not play until Monday evening in Week 13, which means we likely won’t get confirmation on Adam Thielen’s hamstring until Monday. If you are a fantasy football player considering your options, that is far from ideal. And considering this is the final week of most regular seasons, with playoff berths on the line, it makes for a difficult situation.

As we try and make decisions on Sunday for what may or may not happen on Monday, we are looking for any possible edge in this scenario. We are left with effectively two pieces of information that don’t directly answer the question, but at least point us in a given direction.

Earlier this week, Thielen told the media that he probably would not play in the game if he did not feel he was at 100 percent. He talked about the tricky nature of hamstring injuries and how easily they can tighten up and force a player out of the game. This might suggest he is leaning towards not playing, but is far from determinative.

Three days prior to that comment, the Vikings released wide receiver Josh Doctson to sign linebacker Cameron Smith. Given the willingness to make that move, it could suggest they think Thielen has a decent chance of playing. Again, it’s not determinative, but if you’re looking for a helpful point of data, this is something.

The decision to start him depends on how late you can push off the decision, and how much help you’ll need when it comes time to make the decision. It’s really a case-by-case decision given the questionable nature of Thielen’s injury. If you think you can get by without him, then you sit him. If you think you’d need his upside and have to roll the dice, you keep him in your lineup.