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Most popular picks in NFL Week 10

Popular picks can be something to follow or something to fade. Here are ten of the most popular for Week 10.

Bettors line up to place wagers after more than 400 proposition bets for Super Bowl 51 between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots were posted at the Westgate Race & Sports SuperBook on January 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There is plenty of strategy to consider when making picks, and some might choose to stick with where the public sides. It could come from the betting splits on the point spread and money line, but another option is looking at where the so-called experts are looking.

It’s always hard figuring out who is really an expert when it comes to making picks. One place to look is contests where people pay to enter and make weekly picks. One such contest is the Westgate SuperContest, which this year includes 3,328 handicappers. Each week, everyone picks five games from the full slate, and the Westgate provides a rundown of the most popular picks.

Below are the top ten picks for the week, along with the SuperContest line and how many contestants made that pick. I’m always amused when both sides of a game are in the top picks. This week we have two such games with Bills-Browns and Panthers-Packers getting the double dip.

It is not at all surprising Chiefs over Titans is getting the most love by a long shot. The SuperContest line was set on Wednesday, before we got final word that Patrick Mahomes would be playing. It was expected but not confirmed, and once Andy Reid announced Mahomes would start, the line moved to six points. Naturally, people jumped on the discounted line.

Top ten picks, Westgate SuperContest

1. Chiefs (-3.5) over Titans — 1,750
2. Seahawks (+6.5) over 49ers — 1,115
3. Rams (-3.5) over Steelers — 1,083
4. Cowboys (-3) over Vikings — 863
5. Bills (+3) over Browns — 848
6. Cardinals (+4.5) over Buccaneers — 794
7. Browns (-3) over Bills — 765
8. Panthers (+5) over Packers — 715
9. Packers (-5) over Panthers — 642
10. Bears (-2.5) over Lions — 616