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Full odds for each NFL contender to make the 2020 playoffs

The Saints, 49ers and Ravens top the list for most likely to make the playoffs from this list of contenders.

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas celebrates with quarterback Drew Brees after making a fourth quarter touchdown catch against the Arizona Cardinals at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is formally into the back half of the 2019 calendar, and the playoffs are approaching on the horizon. It will be at least a few more weeks before teams start clinching playoff berths, but in the mean time, odds are climbing for quite a few teams.

DraftKings Sportsbook offers odds on whether or not each team will make the playoffs. Teams either well below .500 or far enough down behind multiple teams are no longer getting odds. Additionally, the Patriots are not getting odds. Although they are 8-1 and coming off a loss, the dearth of talent in their division after the Bills means they are all but certain to be playing in the 2020 playoffs.

The 49ers are undefeated, but they remain on the odds board because of the competition in their division. The Seahawks and Rams are multiple games behind them, but the 49ers schedule the second half of the season is a rough one. They face the Seahawks twice, and still have to play the Packers, Saints, and Ravens. They stand a great chance of making the playoffs, but their second half schedule is a buzz saw.

The Saints are the closest up top to coming off this list. They are listed at -5000 to make the playoffs. The NFC South is not anywhere near as competitive as it looked coming into the season, with the Saints and Panthers looking to run away with the top two spots. The Panthers are at +163 to make the playoffs thanks to a) being behind New Orleans and b) dealing with a difficult wild card race.

Here’s the full rundown of playoff odds as Week 10 gets going.

NFL playoff odds, Week 10

Team Yes No
Team Yes No
Baltimore Ravens -2000 +1000
Buffalo Bills -278 +220
Carolina Panthers +163 -200
Chicago Bears +1800 -5000
Cleveland Browns +1000 -2000
Dallas Cowboys -167 +138
Green Bay Packers -715 +500
Houston Texans -590 +425
Indianapolis Colts -150 +123
Jacksonville Jaguars +450 -625
Kansas City Chiefs -910 +600
Los Angeles Chargers +400 -560
Los Angeles Rams +110 -134
Minnesota Vikings -230 +185
New Orleans Saints -5000 +1400
Oakland Raiders +240 -305
Philadelphia Eagles -159 +130
Pittsburgh Steelers +163 -200
San Francisco 49ers -2500 +1100
Seattle Seahawks -150 +123
Tennessee Titans +600 -910