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Bills-Cowboys game offers playoff implications on Thanksgiving day

Both the Bills and Cowboys control their playoff future but both can’t win in this critical Thanksgiving matchup.

The Bills come into Week 13 with an 8-3 record, two games behind the Patriots. That gives them a strong lead for the first wildcard spot, as they are two games ahead of the Steelers, Raiders, and Colts. They very much control their own playoff destiny right now.

The Cowboys are atop the NFC East with a 6-5 record, which is a perilous spot, as they will likely need to win the division to make the playoffs. The two wildcard teams in the NFC right now are the Seahawks and the Vikings with 9-2 and 8-3 records, respectively. Dallas has already lost to the Vikings, so they’d lose the tiebreaker there, and they are three games behind Seattle.

Dallas will need to hold off the Eagles, who they hold a one-game lead on and have beaten once already. After the Bills, their schedule is @Bears, vs. Rams, @Eagles vs. Washington. That Eagles game will be critical, but this Bills game might be their toughest matchup left.

The Bills schedule after the Cowboys is vs. Ravens, @Steelers, @Patriots, and vs. Jets. They face three current division leaders in their last five games. They are likely going to need that cushion they have in the wildcard standings.

To Make the Playoffs

Bills: Yes (-560), No (+400)
Cowboys: Yes (-225), No (+180)

Division winner

Bills: +2000 to win AFC West (Patriots ahead at -10000)
Cowboys: -200 to win NFC East: (Eagles next at +150)

AFC Champ

Bills: +3000

NFC Champ

Cowboys: +1200

Super Bowl Champ

Bills: +1400
Cowboys: +2500