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Jalen Ramsey, Marcus Peters have to be separated after all sorts of jawing [VIDEO]

Marcus Peters was not happy with his departure from LA. A strong game in his return with Baltimore led to all sorts of jawing.

Jalen Ramsey and Marcus Peters getting into altercation at end of Week 12 Monday Night Football.

The Baltimore Ravens crushed the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, and cornerback Marcus Peters enjoyed the revenge game. The Rams traded Peters to the Ravens earlier this year before adding Jalen Ramsey to their secondary.

LA had originally acquired Peters from the Kansas City Chiefs last year, and made it clear they were not planning on re-signing him. They then dealt him two weeks before this year’s trade deadling for linebacker Kenny Young and a fifth round pick.

Peters had a solid game against the Rams, and that included securing an interception of Jared Goff in the fourth quarter. Peters was plenty pleased with his performance. He made sure to let the Rams know how he was feeling. He was spotted on the sideline chirping at Ramsey and making faces. I’m not sure how you can’t enjoy him calling out “Jalen” and wagging his tongue around.

After the game, things got heated. Peters was hugging a friend of his on the Rams as Ramsey came walking back. Peters started barking and it is likely Ramsey had something to say as well. They were separated and went to their respective locker rooms.

UPDATE: Peters was clearly fired up. He had a lot to say as he headed back to the Ravens locker room following the game. He was heard yelling about kicking the Rams out of the playoffs, and had this expletive-filled tirade. Safe to say Peters was just a wee bit fired up for this game.