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What John Brown, Terry McLaurin performances tell us about Week 12 DFS WR salaries

John Brown and Terry McLaurin had two completely different fantasy days in Week 11. How do they compare in Week 12 in vastly different matchups?

Buffalo Bills wide receiver John Brown scores a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins during the first half at Hard Rock Stadium. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The mid-tier priced receivers dominated the fantasy scoring in Week 11, as the top three guys were priced no higher than $6,400. It was a great week for value plays and not so much for any of the Buccaneers receivers, noteable Mike Evans ($7,300) and Chris Godwin ($7,300) who combined for a total of 24.6 DKFP despite a very favorable matchup against a Saints secondary that was missing Marshon Lattimore. However, when we’re not wallowing in Bucs’ misery, we can look at two other receivers ahead of Week 12.

John Brown ($6,700) vs. Broncos

We FINALLY saw the game from the Josh Allen ($6,400)-Brown connection we’ve been waiting for all season long. Brown was brought in to be this deep threat for Allen but it simply hadn’t come to fruition. In fact, coming into this game, Brown only saw 17 of his 70 targets at 20 yards for me in which he caught six. When he DID catch them, he was averaging 27.6 YPR. Brown was certainly getting his shots in Week 11, including a 40-yard bomb that went for one of his two touchdowns. In all, he was targeted 14 times, catching nine of them for 137 yards, two touchdowns and 37.7 DKFP, the highest fantasy output amongst all receivers. With that performance under his belt, Brown sees a $300 increase in his salary in his matchup against the Broncos in Week 12.

While Brown is going to feel like the shiny new to in the Bills offense, this is not a great matchup to return to him. The Broncos secondary has been a legitimate threat to opposing receivers this season, allowing an average of 27.7 DKFP and 133 receiving yards. They’ve only been scored on six times but two of those scores have come over the past two weeks against the Browns and Vikings. In coverage, Brown is going to draw Davontae Harris, who is allowing an average of 8.8 yards on the 19 receptions against him while being scored upon only once. It’s a very tough matchup to go back to the well with a now very expensive Brown.

Terry McLaurin ($6,000) vs. Lions

I, personally, was very excited to play McLaurin in Week 11 after leaving him on the board for weeks. He drew a lot of tough matchups as of late which included the Bills, Vikings and 49ers. As you can imagine, a date against the Jets was circled, highlighted and exclamation pointed on my calendar as “McLaurin Day!” Well, that day didn’t bring much joy, as despite Dwayne Haskins ($4,900) posting his best game to date, McLaurin only had three catches for 69 yards and 9.9 DKFP. He burned many fantasy owners in Week 11 and it wouldn’t shock me to see his ownership take a significant dip, especially with a $400 increase in salary.

With all that in mind, I think we can easily go back to him in Week 12. This is someone we know possesses some legitimate upside and we saw that in the beginning of the year when he averaged 19.9 DKFP through the first four games of the season. The Lions secondary is very beatable and is allowing an average of 39.3 DKFP, 182 receiving yards and 11 total touchdowns scored by opposing receivers. His individual matchup is a good one as well, as he should see a healthy dose of Rashaan Melvin, who is allowing an average of 16.2 YPR on 31 catches for 502 yards and three touchdowns. So while “F1” didn’t bring home the good in Week 11, I think Week 12 could be a different story.