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49ers with all-time backdoor cover in Week 11 win

What a finish!

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals 36-26 in Week 11, and it was fitting that a wild game finished with one of the wildest covers (and pushes for some folks) in recent NFL history.

The 49ers had taken a 30-26 lead in the final minute of the game and the Cardinals were trying to create a miracle. We saw the attempted “the band is on the field” lateral, but it was clear pretty quickly it was not going to be successful. Kyler Murray threw a short pass to Larry Fitzgerald, who then attempted to pitch it back before getting tackled. The pitch didn’t work and it was a live ball. There was a scramble to recover the ball and it was booted back toward the Cardinals end zone. D.J. Reed hustled after the ball and secured it for the touchdown.

The final score was 36-26 on a game where the point spread was 9.5 or ten points for a lot of sports bettors. A large majority of people bet on the Cardinals, and if you bet them +9.5, this cost you your bet. If you bet them +10, you went from a sure win to a push.

One upside for +10 or +10.5 bettors is the NFL changed the rule two years ago that removed extra points on game-winning touchdowns or scores at the end of regulation. But if you had the Cardinals, we’re sorry.