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Ryan Fitzpatrick leaves game to be evaluated for concussion, returns for final play

Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick seemed to think he was fine, but the booth appears to have required a check.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick listens to head coach Brian Flores in the second quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Fitzpatrick returned to take a knee on the final play of the game to run out the clock. He’s good to go moving forward.

The Miami Dolphins are leading the Indianapolis Colts late in Week 10, but they are stuck sorting out an injury situation with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. He took a helmet-to-helmet hit and after playing a couple more plays was required to leave the field and get checked in the concussion protocol.

Josh Rosen replaced Fitzpatrick for the final two plays of the drive and handed it off twice. The Dolphins settled for a field goal on the drive to take a 16-12 lead. There is 3:31 to play at this point, and if the Dolphins get the ball back, Fitzpatrick is likely to return to the game.