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Adrian Peterson fantasy owners can appreciate his insistence on getting the carry

Don’t take away Adrian Peterson’s chances of running with the ball.

Washington running back Adrian Peterson shakes his head no at quarterback Case Keenum trying to change the play against the Miami Dolphins.

When Washington fired head coach Jay Gruden and replaced him with Bill Callahan, there were reports that Callahan was looking to emphasize the run more. Washington has been abysmal in all phases of the game, but with quarterbacks like Case Keenum and Colt McCoy, I suppose emphasizing the run is not the worst idea in the world.

Running back Adrian Peterson was excited about the opportunity, and during Sunday’s game, he made sure Case Keenum stuck to the plan. FOX got a perfect shot of Keenum trying to kill the planned play and audible to something else. AP was having none of that.

As noted by Deadspin, the 2nd and 5 run in the third quarter resulted in a first down. Washington would go on to score their second touchdown of the game en route to a 17-16 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Peterson had his best game in some time, rushing for 118 yards on 23 carries. Terry McLaurin found the end zone twice in the passing game, but Peterson was key to setting it all up. AP fantasy owners can appreciate the running back making sure Keenum didn’t try any silliness and kept the ball in his hands.